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Apex Legends Suggest Crossover with Animal Crossing After Nintendo Switch Announcement


After the recent announcement that Apex Legends will be available on Nintendo Switch from March 9th, Apex devs already have a few ideas up their sleeve in terms of a crossover with Animal Crossing.

Image credit: Nintendo/EA

We first heard the news from EA back in June last year that Apex Legends would be arriving on Nintendo Switch, however after facing a series of delays we weren’t quite sure when that would be.

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Recently, it was announced that Apex Legends will be coming to Nintendo Switch on March 9th 2021, this being said a release on Switch could open a lot of doors in terms of cross-promoting for both companies.

It didn’t take long for ideas to start surfacing of what we could potentially be in store for in future. The games dev Josh Medina took to Twitter to say “Tom Nook Gibby Skin WHEN?”.

It would definitely be something to see Gibraltar dashing around the map all the while taking on the form of racoon or seeing him run around an Animal Crossing island hunting for fish and bugs.

He didn’t clarify in his Tweet if he meant Tom Nook was dressing as Gibraltar or the other way around, either way we think it would be amazing.

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It’s not the first time that popular games have had their own cosmetics in Switch versions either, for example when Rocket League was released on the Nintendo platform Super Mario Bros cars were added for launch.

Although Animal Crossing is a hot game at the moment, which has seem to become viral over the past year, we can’t help but think there could be room for crossovers in Apex with other popular games too.

Only time will tell what is in tore for the future of Apex Legends, until then fans will wait in anticipation for its release on March 9th.

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