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Apex Legends players are being banned from the game

It has come to the attention of Respawn Entertainment that there is two major bugs in the game which players have been recently exploiting.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Although there are many gamers who play and look to win in a legitimate way it seems to be that there are many players who are using exploits to try and cheat their way to the top.

One of the bugs that players are using to cheat could be something as simple as being able to exploit and ultimate ability multiple times or another could be that they find an spot in the last circle which causes them to have the ability to escape death, this will result in them collecting a handful of free wins.

A number of updates have been issues in a bid to try and work out these problems, not only that they have now come up with a way to dish out punishments to player that are found to be doing this.

A message was sent out to a large number players this week informing them they had been banned from playing for a week due to cheating. Gamers who had received this message had taken to social media channels to express their feelings on the situation.

Some players tried to say they had maybe used the exploit in error or potentially just the one time, and a weeks ban was a drastic measure.

As they have been met with a suspension sentence and not a total ban, that leaves the potential of a ban in the balance if players continue to exploit these bugs.

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