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Apex Legends: Player Finds Secret Loot Bin on World’s Edge

There are many players who play the battle royal with the simple intention of winning however there are other players out there with the goal of locating secrets and hidden items within the game.

Apex Legends, similarly to any other battle royale game is mainly about locating a landing spot, looting up and then the goal is to end up being the last duo or trio standing.

Recently a player who is also a well known YouTuber took to the platform to showcase something bizarre he had found in the game. He has located a a standard loot bin which is located under World’s Edge.

Players are able to make their way to this loot bin, however getting there is a challenge in itself. You aren’t able to make it there by just choosing any legend.

To make their way there players must avoid facing hidden walls and also land on very small rocks. The best legend to choose to complete this wild be Loba or Pathfinder as they possess the ability to complete these tasks.

Once you make it under the map things tend to become a lot more difficult, however once you are under the map you then are able to make your way to a solitary loot bin. In order to be able to open this bin the secret is landing on top of it.

The loot bin itself isn’t actually anything special, it is just a regular bin filled with regular loot, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary with this find unfortunately. Although it is a cool find and worth checking out.

It is speculated in the video that the loot bin could have possibly been placed there in a previous update and forgotten about, devs probably assumed that no one would stumble across it in game play, but they have.

To be honest it is very unlikely that a player would be able to locate this by chance, with little chance of making it back to the normal map after finding it, players will need luck on their side with the circle.

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