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Apex Legends is coming to Nintendo Switch


It has been confirmed by Respawn Entertainment that Apex Legends will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The battle royale game will be coming to Nintendo Switch this year, it has already been available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One since February 2019. The Switch version was originally meant be released back in November last year, however it was only released on Steam.

The games developers have also confirmed that the game will be getting a next-gen update later this year, but it can also be played on Xbox Series S, X and also the PS5 through backward compatibility.

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The Nintendo Switch release was originally set to take place in November 2020 however it was pushed back to release in 2021 although they didn’t specify a date when we could expect this.

Fans are already looking forward to the release of Season 8 which will be starting on February 2, this seems to be the date rumoured for the Switch release too. This information was revealed via Twitter, it shows information that was announced on the Stories from the Outlands trailer.

This information was unfortunately removed soon after its initial discovery, but not before fans were able to secure the date of release. However it does spark a question if we should still expect the release on this date as there has been no official comment from Respawn Entertainment and the information has been removed from their Youtube.

When we do finally see this release, fans will be pleased to know that the Switch version will have the full features that are included in the other versions of the game, players will also be able to play cross-platform with players using console or PC.

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Although this version will include full features, the processing power in a Nintendo Switch is a lot less than some consoles so players shouldn’t expect to see the same frame rates and resolution of a console or even PC.

From what information we do have it seem that Respawn are working tirelessly to make sure the Switch version will come as close as possible to the other versions of the game.

Fans will just have to hang on and keep their fingers crossed that we see the release sooner rather than later, however we will continue to keep you updated here at Gamerficial.

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