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Apex Legends: Hundreds of High-Ranked Players Caught Cheating in New Ban Wave


Yet another wave of bans have been issued in Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment, this time causing a large amount of high-ranked players to get the boot.

Respawn Entertainment try their best to weed out cheaters, but just like any battle royale gams, Apex Legends has become a breeding ground for players trying to cheat their way to the top.

The majority of these cheats are in the form of wallhacks and aimbots, although there can be some found in normal public matches there are some players to try to take their cheating to the next level into Ranked Leagues play.

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Recently Respawn have issued another ban wave to try and combat these issues, this latest action has impacted two of the games highest-ranked players.

It was announced via Twitter on January 30th that they would be taking action against cheaters once again and some of the offending payers were ranked at Platinum and higher levels in Apex’s Ranked Leagues.

The Tweet read: “I’m hopping on tonight to clean house. I have about 240 people that are platinum and above that will be banned and will be monitoring for a majority of the night. Finishing my PC build right now then plugging in.”

This Tweet was then met with hoards of questions from fans querying if it was taking place across all regions, along with heaps of positive replies from players ecstatic at the fact somethign was being done to counteract these issues.

It proves as a bit of a challenge to figure our exactly who was banned, no one has been called out from other players so far.

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Players of the game will be relieved that this action has been taken again as it helps keep the game clean and fair, although each time these measures are put into place cheaters up their game finding new and inventive way to cheat.

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