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Apex Legend: Season 8 Gameplay Trailer Revealed


Finally the Season 8 trailer has dropped, giving us some insight into what the new Legend is all about.

Respawn entertainment has dropped the latest trailer for Apex Legends Season 8 and its all about Fuse! Along with seeing what Fuse can do, the trailer also gave us some inside in the destroyed version of Kings Canyon.

With all eyes on Fuse in this trailer, it gives us a pretty good idea of what he’s capable of. One of his many talents seem to have the ability to drop a cluster of napalm onto the map, even a while after it has been used it will continue to keep the ground on fire.

He also seems to have a grenade launched strapped to his wrist, this comes in handy for throwing explosives at enemies quickly and effortlessly. It said that these are to be his Ultimate and Tactical ability, however his Passive still seems to be under wraps.

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A fresh look at kings canyon was also shown in the trailer with a new version of the map on the table, it seems to be in disarray after a ship crashed into it. We didn’t catch too many of the details about the extent of the damage, however we did see that there seems to be some quirky new entrances due to huge holes that have been blown out of the walls.

Fuse is the newest legend to be added to the game

We also got a glimpse of some of the new weapons that will be coming with Season 8, it seems that the old west 30-30 repeated rifle will be making its debut. Although it seems pretty powerful it’s somewhat a slower rate of fire that the majority of other weapons in the game.

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Lastly it seems that there will also be the addition of Golden Magazines added to the new season, they allow players to load their weapons directly from their bag, eliminating the need to reload.

There is nothing left for fans to do now but wait, all of these updates will be available on February 2nd.

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