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Another ‘Pay-To-Win’ skin found in Warzone makes enemies literally invisible


Watch out for players using this skin, or don’t – because they’re literally invisible.

Image credit: Activision

We all know the intended purpose of a ghillie suit is to pretty much turn the user invisible when they lay amongst an intended backdrop. But what about a ghillie suit that makes you vanish as soon as your far enough away from your enemy?

Well that’s exactly what is happening with this five-month-old purchasable Call of Duty: Warzone skin. Players who wear this broken skin will appear partially invisible to enemies the further away they are.

The unintended effect was shown off in a recent video by Warzone streamer Scop3s. A player who uses this skin can be seen getting increasingly harder to see the further Scop3s moves away from them. The player is able to be seen through a scope but only up to a certain distance. At a certain point, the player will just disappear leaving only their head and weapon visible to enemies.

This effectively makes them invisible at long distances. It’s likely caused by a Level of Detail (Draw Distance) bug which makes their character pop in and out depending on distance.

Scop3s was able to test the distances that players would disappear. Without aiming down sights the player would disappear at 34 meters. When aiming down sights it was at 55 meters, and when looking through a 4x scope it was 125 meters.

Nobody knows just how long this bug has been in the game, in fact the skin in question was released in August 2020. The Skin causing the problem is a Grinch outfit names Forest Spirit, it can be purchased in the Eloko bundle and costs 1800 COD points.

Another video was posted earlier this week by NOPsledUPSIDEyaHEAD which shows the bug is happening on PC too, and it’s worth bearing in mind that draw distance will be a lot further on PC so this may effect console users more than it effects PC players with higher graphics settings.

Raven are already dealing with player complaints about the Roze skin which makes players incredibly difficult to see against a dark background, but with this one actually being a bug rather than an unintended side effect of a skins colour scheme, Activision should work quickly to patch this out.

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