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Animal Crossing: Winter update revealed with Christmas & Thanksgiving events, new reactions, storage upgrade and more


Fans have been waiting eagerly for the next upgrade in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Nintendo have just announced all the new features we are in store for.

The update will be arriving November 19th, in just 2 days! It brings with it exciting new features.

The trailer released by Nintendo shows the Thanksgiving event with Franklin the tukey chef, it will be held on November 26th. The Thanksgiving event will be held on the same day for both Hemispheres.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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The Thanksgiving event will be similar to what we have seen in previous Animal Crossing games, Franklin will arrive in your plaza with his cooking station and request that you bring him ingredients he needs for his cooking.

When you bring Franklin these items he will gift you a special reward, however up to now we aren’t sure what this will be, in previous games it has been a peices of Thanksigving themed furniture, will this year be the same?

There is also a Christmas event shown, Toy Day with Jingle the Reindeer, this will take place on December 24th. You will be able to help Jingle deliver presents to all of your villagers, you will be able to dress up like Santa and help spread festive fun across the island.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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Of course he will also reward you with a special gift after you help him, in the past he has also given Christmas theme furniture, but currently there is no further information on what he will give in this event.

As shown in the trailer your island will continue to grow more and more festive as the days roll in closer to Christmas, with lots of decorations and snow.

From December 1 you will also be able to buy festive clothing items from Able sisters and also there will festive toys sold in Nooks Cranny.

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Of course there will also be a batch of new reactions to unlock, and also you can purchase with your Nook Miles the exciting new features such as being able to sit down whenever you like. There is also going to be a new exercise and yoga feature you will be able to purchase with your miles too.

The trailer also mentioned an exciting new update that we have all been wanting for a long time, finally we will have the oppurtunity to upgrade our storage!

Storage will increase from 1600 items to being able to hold 2400 items, this will certainly make life easier, you are able to do this by visiting Resident Services and speaking to Tom Nook. If you ask him to increase you storage you will be able to make this change.

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Players for a while have been desperate for new hairstyles, well alas your wishes have been granted and there will be the oppurtunity to purchase with your miles 6 brand new hairstyles!

There was also a mention in the trailer that on November 19 there will be a new save data transfer feature introduced which will allow you to transfer your island onto another Nintendo Switch.

This is fantastic as I have seen many players in the past loosing all their progress and having to start essentially from scratch if they purchase a new console.

Lastly the trailer slipped in a nod to another update we can expect in late January, this will include Pave. For those who don’t know Pave, she is a peacock who hosts festival events on your island.

We don’t have any further information on what that will hold yet, but we are exciting to enjoy all of these new festive features.

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