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Animal Crossing: What you can hope to expect from the update this Halloween

Fans have been waiting eagerly for further details on Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update. So far there has been a lot of hints and seasonal items revealed, leaving players excited for what else they have in store for us.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Along with the latest updates in the game such the welcome of pine cones and acorns which can be used for a multitude of new DIY recipes, comes also the lovely seasonal colour palette for the game. Along with a whole new selection of fish, bugs and sea creatures to catch.

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You will also notice your island shift to those burnt orange-yellow tones signalling that the fall season is finally upon us. The trees and grass change to fabulous yellows, oranges and reds.

Timmy and Tommy will also add some seasonal decor to their shop such as pumpkins inside and out and also the cutest fall leaf bunting, along with mushroom decor.

It also comes with the new season a host of new seasonal items, now these are for a limited time only so make you that you grab them while you can. Currently there is the Grape Harvest Basket which is available to ordr from Nooks Catalogue, you are actually able to wear this backpack and it is adorned with grapes giving you the perfect fall accessory for any outfit!

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Another seasonal item that has just found its way into Nooks Catalogue is the Moon Rug, this is one of my favourite seasonal items. It is a round celestial rug perfect to add a fall vibe to any room in your home.

Players worldwide are itching to know what will be in this new update, scouring the internet everyday for hints of what may be coming. They have also taken to social media to express what they would like to see in hope they may just make an appearance.

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Players have been requesting a host of new features they hope Nintendo will consider adding to the game, such as more halloween furniture they are able to add to their homes. Fans are eager for more pumpkin themed furniture and clothing that will help drive the halloween spirit, with many already starting to decorate their islands for the holiday.

Other players have been suggesting something like trick or treating to be made possible in the game, a chance to visit all your villagers and friends and in turn they do the same for you.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Another big request from gamers is the return of Brewster, the much loved pigeon character who owns the coffee shop on the island. He has appeared in earlier versions of the game and fans hope he will make a return this update, as many think this is the perfect time to add him to the mix with the fall season what goes better than a hot cup of coffee?

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Another fun addition fans have noticed this halloween season is that the tvs in the game broadcast a halloween show. Players took to twitter to announce their findings as they noticed while sitting in the in game home that there is a halloween tv show, which is such a cute detail! Its only broad cast in the month of October so make sure you check that out, as that is one cool feature you probably haven’t noticed! 

Although there is no official news at the moment of what else the update might have in store, players wait in anticipation for an annoucement from Nintendo giving us all the details!

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