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Animal Crossing: What we can expect from the Thanksgiving Event


Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Thanksgiving event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Fans were delighted to see the return of an old character seen in previous games, Franklin the turkey chef. His return was teased at the end of the trailer of the fall update, it showed Franklin along with Jingle the reindeer.

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Image Credit: Nintendo

It comes with any seasonal changes in the game, the exciting addition of new characters, furniture and DIY recipes. Up to now there hasn’t been a lot of information regarding what might be taking place in the event this year.

However we can look back on previous games at what we could expect to happen in the coming month. Players who have played previous games in the Animal Crossing franchise will be familiar with Franklin the chef and his role in the Harvest event.

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Franklin usually makes an appearance on Harvest Day, he has appeared in most of the previous titles in the series so it makes sense to see his return in New Horizons. His persona has often been perceived as quite shy in the past however he seemed to become a more confident character in New Leaf.

He would appear in the plaza on players islands and inform them that he required their help to gather some missing ingredients he needed to cook Thanksgiving dinner. These items could be gathered by harvest particular things on the island or gathering them by talking to villagers.

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He would often need the ingredients for a series of courses he was preparing, on completion of these tasks he would then rewards the player with a peice of furniture or decor from his Thankgiving collection.

Of course we don’t know if this years event will be exactly the same as it has been in the past, it has been suggested that it may follow suit in a similar way but only time will tell.

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It has also been speculated that cooking could be making its way into the game, as it was found by dataminers earlier this year, could it be that we could see that introduced in this update?

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