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Animal Crossing: What to expect from the Toy Day event

Fans have been eager to experience the latest festive event brought to us it the latest Winter update.

Players have been waiting patiently to play the upcoming ‘Toy Day’ event, Nitendo have gave us a glimpse of what we are in store for in past update trailers. However since Nintendo have stopped time travellers travelling forward to play the event ahead of time in a bid to spoil it for other players who do not time travel.

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This means that all players will experience the event at the same time, however this hasn’t stopped fans searching the internet for further clues of what the event has to offer. To help you guys out we have compiled a list of everything we know so far.

Toy Day will take place on December 24th, you will find Jingle the reindeer wandering around your plaza from 5am. The evemt will last for 24 hours which gives everyone time to play no matter what your schedule.

Players will be able to find Jingle located in their plaza and will be able to converse with him, by talking to Jingle players will be able to unlock the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY. They will also be able to get the magic bag of presents from Jingle along with actually crafting Festive Wrapping Paper.

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Players will need to search there islands to find and visit all of their villagers, whether they be wandering around outside or inside their homes and gift them presents from Jingle’s magic bag.

After they have complete the task of delivering presents to their villagers players will then be rewarded by Jingle. Another tip is if players gift villagers gifts of their own, they will reward them with furniture items from the Christmas Toy set.

Here is other tasks you can complete and how to collec the rewards.

  • Gift Pile – This DIY recipe can be collected when you deliver presents to more than half of the villagers on your island
  • Toy Day Sleigh – You will be rewarded with this when you give all of your villagers their gifts
  • Festive Wrapping Paper – You can unlock this DIY recipe by talking to Jingle
  • Toy Day Stockings – This can be claimed when you give the Festive Wrapping Paper to Jingle
  • Jingle’s Photo – This will be rewarded when you hang Toy Day stockings inside your home and play on Christmas Day

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