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Animal Crossing: There is a Cool New Feature in the NookLink App

The Animal Crossing’ New Horizons update has just dropped and comes with heaps of new features, one of which being a revamp of the NookLink App.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Players are now able to choose a reaction to react in game straight from their smartphone. This newest feature has been added in the fall update, making it much easier and quick for players to react.

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This added feature elminates the process of having to take the time to locate and select reactions on the Switch.

There has also been two new rections added that you can learn from your villagers, they are ‘scare’ reaction and ‘haunt’ reaction. They have also just arrived in time for Halloween.

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On Halloween night your likely to see your villagers using these reactions, once they have taught them to you they will become available for you to use for all your spooky fun.

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