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Animal Crossing: The Ultimate Guide to the Halloween Event How to get Lollipops and Rewards from Jack

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just dropped the long awaited fall update, bringing with it many new features and activities.

There has been a host of new features that have been added to the game such as new Halloween costumes in Ables, bodypaint, coloured contact lenses, the addition of pumpkin patch farming, new DIYs and furniture amongst other spooky fun.

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Image Credit: Nintendo

There will also be and event held on Halloween night, this event starts from 5pm and will run until midnight. In this time players will find their villagers congregating in the plaza outside Resident Services.

Villagers will all be dressed in their spooky Halloween costumes, you will also be visited by Jack, the Czar of Halloween. Jack can also be found wandering around the plaza between these times.

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Players must make sure they have plenty candy to gift to their villagers on Halloween or they may receive a trick, however in exchange for candy villagers will reward players with spooky DIY recipes and also lollipops.

Image Credit: Nintendo

If you don’t happen to have enough candy however villagers may play a trick on you by doing things as adding spooky face paint to your face, but don’t worry as candy is available all throughout the month of October from Nooks Cranny.

Unfortunatley you will only be able to purchase one piece of candy per day so make sure you buying it each day to ensure you have enough for Halloween night.

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If the worst was to happen and you foun yourself with no candy, there is a another way you can get more on Halloween. This can be achieved by dressing as Jack himself and visiting your villagers, this will scare them into giving you another piece of candy.

Image Credit: Nintendo

You can scare your villagers by dressing with Jacks Head and Jacks Robe, you can earn these from Jack himself by talking to him and gifting him candy and lollipops.

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DIY recipes will also be gifted from your villagers in exchange for candy however there are certain items you will only be able to get from Jack on exchange of lollipops. The Spooky Carriage, Spooky Carriage DIY and the Spooky Wand can only be given from Jack after you give him lollipops.

We already can’t wait for the Halloween event, and have been busy decorating our island with all the Spooky decor and pumpkins.

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