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Animal Crossing: The Secret to creating the 3 ball Snowman

Animal Crossing has recently seen the addition of the 3 ball snowman this festive season, and here is how you can do it.

As the seasons change throughout the year in Animal Crossing New Horizons, we see a host of fantastic changes taking place on our islands. Nintendo have just welcomed the launch of the Winter update which brought with it a host of new seasonal items and activities.

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Players were excited at the new events such as Thankgiving and Toy Day, along with a host of new DIY recipes. Players are eager for snow to arrive on their islands to get that extra festive feeling, as many have started decorating their islands for the upcoming holiday already.

Now there is a another cool snowman that players will be able to create, the 3 ball snowman, which will add the perfect festive spice to your island. The usual Snowboys on your island are created with only two snowballs.

Image Credit: Nintendo

If you find a snowball on the ground, players can roll them to grow the ball and place one upon the other to create a Snowboy, players must try and get their Snowboys as perfect as possible, and they will be rewarded with DIY recipes and snowflakes.

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The 3 ball snowman will can only be created by DIY recipe, players are unable to create them will snowball they find on the ground. The DIY recipe can only be obtained by making the perfect Snowboy, and then the DIY will be gifted to the player after completion, unlike other seasonal DIYS it cannot be collected from balloons or from villagers on your island.

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After learning the DIY recipe players must make sure they have the relevant materials needed, the most important ingredient in the large snowflake. This is the rarest item to collect, but again can be collected from a Snowboy that has been created perfectly. To make sure you create the Snowboy as perfect as possible, make sure the bottom snowball for the body is larger than the snowball used for the head.

There is also 7 regular snowflakes required for the DIY recipe which can be caught with a net when they blow past in the wind, there will also be two sticks required that can be gathered from shaking trees on the island.

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After harvesting these items players will be able to create the 3 ball snowman, this particular snowman is larger than the regular snowman and also can be customised to take on a different look.

These snowmen however cannot speak like the Snowboys can, but will not melt in the summer months, so if you want you can have snowmen all year round!

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