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Animal Crossing: So you can now make Snow Angels, and here’s how!

Winter is finally upon us and with Christmas creeping closer and closer, players are excited to get festive on their island, and what better way to do it than with snow angels!

Players have been creating snow angels in the snow on their islands and its adorable, here is how you can do it too!

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Transform your island into a snow angel paradise with these amazing custom signs for your island. To get these designs, simply just visit the kiosk located in the Able Sisters shop. You can find the kiosk towards the back of the store, if you input the code of your chosen design into it, it will give you the option to save the design to one of your custom slots.

Visiting the players design code will give you access to each corner of the custom design, it will take up four design slots in total. All you need to do is find an area on your island where you would like to add your snow angel and open up your custom designs on your Nook Phone.

Select the design you require and simple select lay on ground and repeat the process with all four corners of the design until you have your perfect snow angel!

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It is the perfect addition to your island to give it that festive Christmas look and it is so cute, it is great for taking cute photos with your villagers, especially when used with the hip reaction so you can sit down in you angel.

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