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Animal Crossing: SECRETS in Japans Winter Update Trailer you probably didn’t know!


Fans were delighted to see the release of the trailer for the Winter update surface online yesterday, however Japan also have release some hidden details of the update.

Nintendo Japan have also release some interesting additions to the Winter update that we didn’t see in the trailer, with a host of new exciting features to come this festive season we can hardly wait.

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Youtube user Nintentalk uploaded a video to the platform showing us what we might have potentially missed from Nintendo Japan.

It can be seen online images of what the update will have in store, firstly in an image of a character sitting inside her home with this insane Northern Lights Wallpaper.

In the Southern Hemisphere imagery shows a new sunflower crown and also a sunflower rug.

There is also imagery showing what we assume to be New Years items, you can notice on the table that there is food items on plates and also the character holding glasses of what we think is champagne.

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Are the food items from Franklin? Or are they just related to New Years? This is very exciting to see, players have been curious about food items in the game for a long time, could it be that we can place down the items made by Franklin? I guess we will have to wait and see with this one.

There is also a feature that will be added that will allow players to visit random dream addresses, player can go to sleep and visit Luna and ask to go to a totally random dream address.

We assume that if you already have a dream address created that you can be visited and it will just randomly generate a code to visit.

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Lastly there is an image showing a character surrounded by Christmas decor and also a yule log! Could this be more food items?

With so much to look forward to in this update, we already can’t wait to play and experience this new features that have been added.

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