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Animal Crossing: Players are creating stargazing areas to help see shooting stars, and they’re AMAZING


Shooting stars are a rarity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, however players are creating their own stargazing areas and they’re incredible.

It’s not often that you’ll have that sought after message from Isabelle in her morning announcement, the report of shooting stars in the evening. You’ve probably had them on your island and not noticed, they cna be quite a task to see.

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A tip to make sure you always find them is to keep your sound up, you can often hear when they shoot across the sky, and if you’ve had one your likely to have another as they often fall in clusters.

Another telltale sign is when Celeste visits your island, she will always give you a star themed DIY recipe too, although you can only get one per day from her, meaning if you go to visit her again on a friends island she wil not give you another recipe.

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Shooting stars are best seen in an open space on a clear night, so players have been creating stargaing areas to open up their islands and give them the best possible chance of seeing shooting stars.

We have compiled a list of sone of our favourites, so if your looking for inspiration your in the right place.

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