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Animal Crossing: November Update Mushrooms and more


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is in full swing in the fall season, with our islands turning those lovely orange and yellow hues.

In the last update we saw the addition of pumpkin farming on our islands, along with a host of new pumpkin-Halloween themed DIYS. There was also a Halloween event that took part on our islands, with visits from Jack the Czar of Halloween.

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In the last trailer for the Fall update there was also and indication that there was another update to follow in November. Although we have not received this update as of yet, there has been some subtle changes to our islands in the meantime.

Image Credit: Nintendo

The biggest addition to our islands you may have notices is the addition od mushrooms, Isabelle informs players of their presences in her morning announcement, she will also gift every player the Mushroom Wreath Recipe.

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Of course with this new addition to our islands, comes a host of new mushroom themed DIY recipes. Mushrooms come in four different types, there is round, elegant, skinny and flat, which can be used in different DIY recipes.

Mushrooms can be found and collected from around the base of your trees. However this isn’t the only new crafting item we will be seeing this fall, there will also be the introduction of the Red Maple Leaf. These again can be used in a range of different DIY recipes.

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Red Maple Leafs can be floating through the air around your island, but be quick to gather as many as you can as they will only be there for a limited time.

Make sure you collect all the DIY recipes so you can decorate your island with true fall vibes, recipes can be found in bottles on your beach, by popping balloons or gifted to you by your villagers.

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For now fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for further information on what we might see in Novembers big update.

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