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Animal Crossing: New Trailer Reveals what we can expect from December

In the latest released trailer by Nintendo we can see what we are in store for during the festive month of December.

Players have been waiting eagerly for the festive season and with Christmas soon appraoching, fans should prepare themselves for a host of festive activitties. In the latest trailer from Nintendo we got some insight into what is in store for us this month.

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It’s no secret the game has achieved phenomenal success since its release in March earlier this year, one of the things that keeps the game so popular and its popularity rising has to be the continuous update and new content it receives.

The latest was the Winter update in which we saw a host of new events and features, now in the latest trailer we see just what we can get up to this month.

We can see in the trailer that there will be some changes to our islands, finally we will see the blanket of snow we have all been waiting for. There will also be a host of new fish, bugs and sea creatures to catch, to complete those vacant spaces in our museums. You can find everything that will be arriving here.

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An interesting addition this month to the wildlife is the dung beetle, which can be found on top of rolled snowballs, so be sure to leave a few of those lying around if you want to catch one of these bugs.

Also your villagers will start to don winter outfits, along with a host of winter clothes being availble to buy in Able Sisters store.

You may also notice that hardwood trees on your island will star to be covered in lights and certain trees will also be covered in festive decorations.

In Nooks Cranny you may see in the seasonal section that there will be a collection of toys available to purchase in the run up to Christmas, you can find the full list here.

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Of course there will also be the long awaited Toy Day, Jingle the reindeer will visit your island on December 24th. You can help him deliver his Christmas presents around the island, players will be rewarded from Jingle when they complete the tasks he asks of them.

Lastly there will also be there will be a brand new look for your Nook Phone with the Pocket Camp phone case.

Players have already taken to decoating their island and getting in full festive spirit.

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