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Animal Crossing: New Horizons hint at Brewsters return

Fans are eagerly waiting for information on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, there has been much speculation already on what this update might include. After the newest features in previous updates such as swimming and fireworks shows, it seems they are really upping their game. These updates have proved very popular with players worldwide.

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Many players have been playing Animal Crossing since the beginning, fans are hoping for some popular feautures to make a comeback.

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A popular feauture fans are hoping for is the much loved pigeon Brewster, who owned the coffee shop in the island ‘The Roost’. There has been some speculation that it could be coming back to the game in the fall update.

The coffee shop has previously been featured in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Wild World. You could purchase at the coffee shop a cup for 200 bells.

One of the hints that got fans thinking was when a player took to twitter to show a conversation that she had with one her villages, where Brewster was mentioned.

Now this happened back in April and fans were thinking this may be included with the summer update, however it was not feautred which leaves players questioning, does that mean his return will be in the much awaited fall update?

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Could this be following the same path of the return of Redd and the art gallery addition to the museum. As these were also feautured in previous games and made a return. A player also reported a villager having a conversation with them about the art gallery and then it followed in the update. Could villagers hinting be a subtle annoucement of whats to come in the game, as is it has proved to be the case in the past.

Another hint of his return was when data miners released information back in May about a many of the new updates we now have prior to their arrival. Brewster and his coffee shop was mentioned however we are yet to see this in the game, however all the other updates mentioned were correct, could this be another gesture towards his much anticipated return.

Of course these nods to Brewster in the game is not certain confirmation of his return, but as he has proved popular in the past fans can only hope that maybe we will see him returning to our screens soon.

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