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Animal Crossing is now putting a stop to time travellers


In the latest update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons time travel has been put to stop, kind of.

Time travelling in Animal Crossing has always been a contoversial subject, with some players avid time travellers visiting each month and it’s events, whereas some players are set against it.

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Image Credit: Nintendo

For those who don’t know, ‘time travelling’ is where a player changes the internal time of their Switch device allowing the game to sync up with the new time and date as the game runs in real time. Carrying out this allows a player to visit different seasons and progress with features in the game faster that usually take a few days to complete.

The good news though is that time travelling is still possible, however with the new Winter update there has been some limitations put on what players can and can’t do.

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There has been major changes made to the running of seasonal events, they have now been time locked meaning you cannot simply change the time to experience the new events ahead of time, for example Thankgiving or Toy Day.

In the past players have been able to do this, such as with the fall update players were able to time travel to October 31st and experience the Halloween event before it happened.

Players will now have to wait until the correct day scheduled for this event in order to experience it, this has rubbed some fans the wrong way with many saying it has left many at a disadvantage as not everyone has the time or is available to experience these events as they are happening.

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The up side however is that you will still be able to travel back to event if you miss it, you just won’t be able to travel forward to play it earlier.

Players have already taken to social media to share their feelings on the situation, with many agreeing with Nintendo on this decision as non-time travellers do not want spoilers for these event shared before they happen.

Looks like we will all just have to wait to experience this years festive activities and we can’t wait.

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