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Animal Crossing: How you can Visit Joe Biden’s Island


As the 2020 presidential elections are coming up in the USA candidate Joe Biden has created his own island in Animal Crossing in a bid to help his campaign.

The island was recently debuted to the public, it was hosted by Kinda Funny where players and fans were taken on a virtual tour of Biden’s island. The reveal consisted of Gary Whitta and Greg Miller showing gamers everything that had been created within the island.

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It’s obvious this island wasn’t thrown together on whim, at a first glance you can see just how much planning and attention to detail has been put into the design.

This island appears to be a marketing effort to help with Biden’s presidential campaign, that fans are able to visit. The careful deisgning of this island has it adorned with Joe Biden yard signs for the campaign. The island even has it’s own merchanside shop.

There is also the Biden and Senator Kamala Harris’ offices recreated on the island, they have really gone all out with the details on this one as there is even a basement complete with model train sets.

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Of course there is even a Joe Biden character you can find on the island. To visit the island all you need is the dream code.

DA-7286-5710-7478 – Biden Island Dream Code

All you need to do is go to sleep in a bed on your island, select you want to sleep from the options and then ‘I want to dream’. You will then be prompted to enter a dream code, using the dream code given above you will be able to transport yourself to Biden Island.

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