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Animal Crossing: How to Unlock The Secret Feature in Able Sisters


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has became a viral sensation over the last few months, since the games release earlier this year in March.

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Players have flocked to the game boosting its popularity worldwide, for those who don’t know the game itself lets players create their own island and hang out virtually with friends online.

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This has proven to be very popular with games as it has given them an outlet to be able to socialise virtually with friends during the recent unprecendented locksdown.

Players have put many hours into this game, if you’re one of them you may think you know it inside out, however there are hidden features you can stumble across all the time as you play.

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One of which is the secret feature hidden in the Able Sisters shop. As players enter the shop they are always greeted by Mabel, however you’ve probably noticed Sable her sister in the back of the shop working.

If you have ever tried talking to Sable you’ll know she is always very busy and doesn’t have any time to talk, she will direct players back to talk to Mabel. It’s at this point that players think there is little point in trying to converse with her, therefore this feature often remains uncovered.

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If you keep trying to talk to Sable, over time she will eventually become more friendly and start to chat with you. She will tell you about tales of when the sisters were younger and other family stories.

However, once she begins to talk to you, if you carry on chatting with her for 11 days, you will then unlock the secret feature. Upon completion of 11 days Sable will gift you some special secret patterns she has been working on.

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These fabric patterns can then be used to customise certain things in the game, for example furniture items and clothes. Once she has gifted you the first pattern, she will continue to gift you on everyday if you return to talk to her.

There are 10 patterns to collect from her, with over 20 unique designs, thus meaning there are 200 different patterns to obtain, however dont worry as they don’t take up any space in your pockets or personal deisgn spaces.

Once you have been given these patterns you will automatically know them, you can access them at any DIY table and beging customising your chosen object.

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