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Animal Crossing: How to sell your turnips for 1000 bells each!


Players are able to now sell their turnips for 1000 bells a piece, however it is only available for a limited time.

The turnip market is the center of trading in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are able to sell them to make extra bells and in some cases making a huge profit.

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Turnips can be bought from Daisy Mae every Sunday, she will appear on players islands each week from 5am until 12pm lunchtime. You can buy from her as many turnips as you like, although her prices do vary each time, so some weeks you make snag a better bargain than others.

Through the week players can sell their turnips on at Nooks Cranny to Timmy and Tommy, you can ask them the prices each day and they will let you know how much they will buy them for.

The price differs from morning to evening to do keep checking back to find the best deal, however played must make sure they get rid of their turnips before the following Sunday or they will spoil making them worthless.

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Some players try to cheat the system by chatting with other players online, letting each other know who has the highest prices, by visiting islands with high turnip prices players are able to earn a high turnover from their turnip purchases.

However the time has come for players to be able to strike bellionaire status, as for a limited time only turnips will be selling for 1000 bells a piece. The brains behind this scheme is Ally Financial, who have created their own Ally Island where you can sell your turnips on for the bells.

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In order to take advantage of this offer, players must get a code from Ally Financial’s page on Turnip Exchange so they are able to access the island. They have anticipated high demand, if this is the case players could face a long wait in the queue. Players can also visit Ally Island by using their dream address below.

DA-9350-9609-6289 – Ally Island

Though this is a limited time event running only unti October 27, however they have promised another big event starting from October 29. Until then there will be slots open each day from 5-11pm. The island will be open for dream visits until November 6, and then unfortunatley the island will be closed.

It’s not the first company to team up with the game either, recently Presidential candidate Joe Biden has debuted his island to help with his marketing campaign. Hellmans has also jumped on the bandwagon creating a mayonnaise island.

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