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Animal Crossing: How to Customise your Plaza!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has became a viral sensation with players worldwide, giving players the oppurtunity to create their own islands.

Players are able to completley design their own islands from moving their home and shops around, however the one thing that frustrates players is the fact we are not able to move Resident Services.

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For those who dont know Resident Services is the main hub of the island, the town hall if you will. Players can check the rating of their island, build bridges/inclines, move buildings, visit the ATM, trade Nook Miles and much more inside, however although players can move all the buildings on their island they are unable to move Resident Services.

Many players had hoped this would be something that may have bee introduced in the fall update, however unfortunatley many were left dissapointed when nothing was added to be able to do this.

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It is different for every player, depending on which map you initially chose when starting the game, this decides where your Resident Services will be located.

Players are also unable to place anything in the Plaza, however players have taken to social media to show their creations as they have a clever way around not being able to customise the area.

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Players have been using custom design codes to extend their Plaza’s in order to place items there, and they look pretty good!

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