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Animal Crossing: Hidden SECRETS you may have missed in the Winter trailer


Fans worldwide were thrilled yesterday at the release of the trailer showcasing what is in store for us in the Winter trailer, however there may have been a few things you have missed.

The trailer highlighted all of the new features that are going to be coming with the new update, it drops tomorrow November 19th so we don’t have very long to wait.

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Youtube user Nintentalk took to the social media platform to release a video showcasing important hidden secrets we may have missed.


In the trailer we first see the Thanksgiving event with Franklin, cooking anf requiring players to collect ingredients he needs for his recipe, he points out that we don’t know which ingredients is being given to Franklin. We see that the player gives him pumpkins, but then the dialogue cuts off so we do not see his response, or if there is more ingredients needed.

Could it be that players need to gather secret ingredients like they have done in previous games? Only time will tell, ast least we don’t have too long to wait to find out.

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Toy Day

The opening screen for the Toy Day event, shows a brand new DIY which appears to be a heap of presents, later in the trailer we can see that it is shown again in another colour leading us to believe you can customise this item.

Resident Services is also show fully decorated with trees, lights and festive decor, villagers in the plaza can also be seen to be wearing Santa hats.

The character in the trailer has a sack of toys in the Toy Day event and can be seen handing a gift to Sherb. The gift itself shows us a new wrapping paper event, could it be that we are getting new wrapping paper?

Nook Miles

As you probably already know there are two new items that have been added to the catalogue that you can purchase with Nook Miles. The hip reaction, that allows you to sit down whenever you like for 2,700 miles and the Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles for 1,800 miles.

There will also be extra reactions added such as take a picture, wave goodbye, sit down, sniff sniff, work out, yoga, here you go, excited, ta-da.

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New Items

It can be seen also during the reactions frame that there is tents present on the island, there can be 3 tents seen, does this mean we can create a whole campsite?

In the dinner scene there is a host of new items that can be seen such as the apron worn by the character, the new table with runner, crockery set with doyles, a cooking pot, new chairs, new rug. There can also be seen behind the table a new fireplace with balloons and a photo frame.

Could these items be Thankgiving rewards given by Franklin?

Inside the house you can see there is new stockings on the wall, could this be a garland of some kind or stand alone stockings?


As you have already probably seen in the trailer, there will be 6 additional hairstyles added to the game.

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Storage Expansion

What we have all been waiting for, storage expansion! We will finally have the oppurtunity to expand our storage capacity from 1600 to 2400. The trailer shows the character asking Nook in Resident Services to make this change, although it doesn’t show how we actually get it, do we pay for it?

Save Data Transfer

At the end of the trailer there is another cool feature, the save data trasnfer which will be available November 19. This feature will allow you to save your island and transfer it to another Switch console, very handy.

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January Update

There is also a nod towards another update we will be receiving in late January, the imagery features Pave the peacock. For those who dont know Pave is the character who hold festivals on your island.

With not much longer to wait, fans are already excited and preparing their islands for the new Thanksgiving and festive decor.

There was also a host of new features seen on Nintendo Japan that you may have missed, you can check that out here.

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