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Animal Crossing: Here is how to get the NORTHERN LIGHTS wallpaper that everyone is talking about

Lately Animal Crossing New Horizons has been filled with an abundance of exciting new features since the latest update, however there is one we can’t seem to stop talking about!

Players have been loving AC’s Winter update that has brought us a host of new festive features, from the Thanksgiving and Toy day events to new items in game, along with a host of new festive DIYS.

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However there is one seasonal item that is really catching players eyes, the Aurora Wall. This beautiful wall depicts the Northern Lights with hues of green and pink, the perfect addition to any home interior.

You can get this wall from Resident Services, if you go to the ATM nd visit the catalogue, you can find it located under the season items section. It is found along with the Midwinter sweater, another limited time seasonal item.

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The Aurora wall will set players back 7,000 bells, which we think is worth every penny! We have a feeling this will be a hot item after the holidays are over, as it will no longer be available so best be quick and grab it while you can.

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Players have already taking to social media to show off their abodes complete with the Aurora wall, and I think you’ll agree it’s stunning.

It even may make sense to grab as many as you can as it is likely to be a very sought after item after it is no longer available.

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