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Animal Crossing: Have you tried watering your Pumpkins with a Gold Watering Can?


Players worldwide have been delighted at Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update that dropped at the beggining of October this year. We welcomed the addition of pumpkin farming in this update, allowing players to grow and harvest their own pumpkins.

For those who don’t know, pumkins are a vital ingredient in the newly released fall DIY recipes, they can also be used to customise items. As pumpkins grow in four different colours, yellow, orange, green and white, these colours can be used in the customisation process, alone with customisation kits that can be purchased from Nooks.

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However it’s recommeded that players water their pumpkin patches everyday in order to get maximum growth. Pumpkins can grow in bunches of 1, 2 and 3 so watering them allows players to have the oppurtunity to harvest as many as possible.

Some gamers have been experimenting with watering their pumpkins wit a gold watering can to see the effects. It turns out after using the gold watering can players have found all their pumpkins to be growing in triple bunches, which could suggest that using the gold watering can will always give you triples!

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This is perfect if you plan on doing a lot of DIY or customisations, especially as it can be tricky to grow a specific colour pumpkin. There is no way to tell what colour the pumpkins will be until they have started to grow, so often you may need to plant more if you don’t first get the colour you desire.

So it is worth giving it a try and increasing your next harvest!

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