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Animal Crossing: Free ‘Super Mario’ Update to Arrive in March


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is due to receive a free upgrade during march which will bring a host of Super Mario themed items to the game.

Image credit: Nintendo EPD

Recently Nintendo dropped a trailer for the upcoming festivale event that launched on January 28th which features the much loved character Pave, which we have seen appear in precious titles in the franchise.

Pave will be hosting the festivale event that will be taking place on our islands on February 15th. In previous versions of the game players have searched the island collecting a series of brightly coloured feathers which they have then taken back to Pave, he has then rewarded players with furniture and décor items from the festivale collection.

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The trailer showed off a host of activities that would also be taking place during the festival such as confetti and a host of dancing and music. However, viewers couldn’t help but notice the huge hint that was geared towards a Super Mario crossover, which consisted of a mushroom and a Super Star.

So far we don’t have any further information of what the update may entail but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this in the Animal Crossing series. In pocket camp, the mobile version of the game, we have seen Super Mario items introduced as rewards for completing certain tasks.

Since back in the GameCube days there have always been some involvement with Mario items in the game. As shown in the trailer, fans can expect to see a host of new items introduced on March 10th.

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