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Animal Crossing: First Look at the Winter Update and we LOVE it


Players have been waiting eagerly for the launch of the Winter update, and today finally the time has come. We have taken a look at the new features and we have everything you need to know.

Anticipation has been running high in the lead up to the launch of the new Winter update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We have taken a look at all the new features and have everything you need to know about this upcoming festive season.

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Firstly we have slightly time travelled forward into December, purely because we were TOO excited to see our island covered in snow. You can see in the video that there is snowflakes swirling around your island, you can catch them with your net. Snowflakes are essential for some DIY recipes, so catch them while you can as they are only available when it is snowing on your island.

We first visited our pumpkin patch, curious to see how it is coping in the icy weather, fortunatley it is exactly as we left it in perfect condition. I thought it was a cute feature to see the leaves blowing in the wind, such a nice little touch.

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Next we had to visit Able Sister’s to check out the festive clothing and to slip into something a little more cosier than our summer dress. There was a large selection of patterned sweaters and also plain sweaters with cute scarfs wrapped around.

There was also a variety of matching patterned hats to pull your whole outfit together, we opted for a red esemble and felt instantly more festive.

The next stop on our agenda had to be Nook’s Cranny, first of all the outside of the store is decorated with a Christmas tree and some lights strung up above the door. Inside we felt there was not too much decor, however there was some bunting hung up above the cashier desk.

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In the seasonal corner of the store there were some candles, of course we purchased them as they are perfect for decorating our home, I can’t wait to see what will be there tomorrow.

You will also now see that the hardwood trees on your island are decorated with lights, if you shake the trees you will see ornaments fall. There are red, yellow and blue ornaments to gather, these are important and can be used in many festive DIY recipes.

It is also clear to see that there can be large snowballs found on the ground on your island, if you start to roll these they will grow in size. You must continue to roll them until you are happy with the size then you are able to place one on top of the other to make a Snowboy.

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Snowboy’s will give you snowflake DIYS, however the more accurate you are with the size and the better you make them, the better the reward they will give you. Try and gather as much as you can from them because of course again they are only here when it snows on your island.

In Resident Services you can now redeem your Nook Miles for the ‘Hip Reaction’ this will allow you to sit down whenever you like. This is super cute for sitting with your villagers. You can also use your Nook Miles to redeem 6 new hairstyles.

While you are there if you talk to Nook you can ask him to upgrade your storage, this will increase it from 1600 to 2400 which is awesome. However it does come at a price, this costs a whopping 500,000 bells, which has to be paid upfront.

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We were shocked to find that all of the new reactions are automatically there for you to start using right away, as opposed to gather them from your villagers as you usually would do.

Unfortunatley even if you time travel you cannot access the Thankgiving and Toy day events as they are time locked to the actual day, so it’s a waiting game for eager fans to experience those.

Overall we loved this new update and it definetly helped us to get in the festive spirit, we can’t wait to see the updates in store in future.

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