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Animal Crossing fall update: what we know so far

It’s no secret animal crossing has become a sensation with millions of players worldwide, now September has arrived fans wait in suspense for the much anticipated update.

Image Credit: Nintendo

With September arriving, it comes with a host of new limited time items to collect, they are available to be ordered from Nook’s catalogue, but be quick as they are only here for a limited time only.

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Players have been excited by the entrance of acorns and pinecones falling from the trees in the Northern Hemisphere. These items can be used in new and exciting DIY and crafts. Other players with their islands based in the Southern Hemisphere are now experiencing Spring which means the entrance of the beautiful cherry blossom.

It is hard to know exactly what will be dropped for sure and Nintendo will release a brand new update, so players attempting to time travel to get a first glimpse will be left dissapointed. Nintendo have not announced as of yet what the fall update will include, but we can look at what has taken place in past updates. Lets focus on what we know so far…

It comes automatically with the new month, there are new bugs and fish to catch and collect. Southern Hemisphere players can now catch Honeybees and Mantises along with a host of other new insects. Whereas players in the Northern Hemisphere can catch Red Dragonflies and Crickets leavings fans excited to expand their museum exhibitions.

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It comes with seasonal changes the fantastic change in colours on the island, grass and trees begin to show a lovely orange-yellow hue. The decor of the island will also spice up in anticipation of the fall update, for example Nooks Cranny will start to display pumpkins outside the entrance and also on the inside, along with fall leaf bunting.

Nintendo have announced in the pre-release with imagery featuring Franklin and Jack.

Jack appears once a year as he is the pumpkin themed character whos love is halloween. Franklin is the Turkey character who makes an appearance around thanksgiving. The characters will present to you tasks and challenges and in return will reward you with seasonal items and maybe DIY recipes.

At the moment all we can do is wait in anticipation for the new update to grace our screens, with fans everywhere keeping their eyes peeled for the coming news.

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If you haven’t already got a copy of the game, you can pick it up here.

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