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Animal Crossing Fall Update is Finally Coming!

Fans have been waiting eagerly for Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update, there has been a lot of speculation and rumours about what the update may include.

Nintendo have remained tight lipped about the situation and haven’t gave fans anything to work with… until now.

Nintendo have been dropping hints and have even stated that the update is ‘around the corner’, this was published on Nintendo Canadas website. It was found under the games with free updates section, along with announcements for free updates for other titles in the eShop.

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They have also said that the update is to include some ‘spook-tacular tricks and treats’, which leaves players wondering what new features will be added.

The last update we saw in the summer pleased fans as it introduced swimming in the sea, something players wished they were able to do for quite some time and finally it was implemented in the game.

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Another feature that was added in the summer was the firework shows which again proved very popular with the Animal Crossing community, along with the introduction to the dream suite.

The dream suite allows players to dream and visit other players islands and in turn have players dream over to their islands, via their dream address.

Given these past updates players are hoping for another big update, fans have taken to social media to express what they hope will be included. Things such as the return of Jack the pumpkin who turns up at Halloween asking players for candy and rewarding them with limited edition furniture.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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Another character fans hope will make an appearance in New Horizons is Franklin the turkey chef, again Franklin appears around Thanksgiving. He asks players to fetch him missing ingredients from his recipes and then rewards them with items from his furniture set.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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Players have begged Nintendo to return one of their favourite characters, Brewster. This is the pigeon character who has appeared in past versions of the game, he owns the coffee shop on the island known as The Roost.

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Players would love Brewster to return and maybe allow us to place his shop where we would like on the island, many have suggested his shop could be an addition to the museum.

It was also suggested by a player that maybe Wisp, the ghost of the island could player a bigger part this Halloween. Wisp asks players to collect the peices of his missing spirit and rewards them completion with either something ‘you don’t have’ or something ‘expensive’.

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Of course these are all theorys and hopes, we can’t know exactly what it will include until an official announcement has been made by Nintendo. Fans can only hope that this will be confirmed soon as we are all itching to know what Halloween has in store for our islands!

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