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Animal Crossing: Every New Christmas toy and how to get them

Christmas is just around the corner and the festive season on our islnds has just begun, here’s the complete guide to Christmas toys.

Players have already started decorating their islands for Christmas, with the recent launch of the Christmas update we have seen a host of new festive features added into the game.

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With the likes of special events added such as Thanksgiving and Toy Day and a host of new DIY recipes, players have been excited to create Winter Wonderlands on their islands.

There is also a variety of new toys that will be available throughout December, some of which you may have already noticed from the Winter update trailer.

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The new toys that will be available are:

  • Kids Tent – 4,500 bells
  • Dollhouse – 4,000
  • Dinosaur Toy – 2,400
  • Mini Circuit – 3,800
  • Pop-Up Book – 2,000
  • Tin Robot – 3,500
  • Puppy Plushie – 2,400
  • RC Helicopter – 3,600
  • Set of Stockings – 2,000

All of these toys will be available to purchase from Nooks Cranny, they can be found each day in the seasonal section of the store. But be quick to try an collect them all as they will only be available up until the end of December.

When purchasing these items in the store you will probably notice that they will only come in one particular colour variant, however you can always customise them to get different colours and patterns.

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This is such a fantastic way to get in the Christmas spirit until Toy Day which takes place on December 24th, find Jingle on your island and help him with Christmas eve and take part in Christmas activities.

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