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Animal Crossing: Every Mushroom DIY and how to get them


As Fall has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and our islands have transition into those lovely fall colours, the new season also comes with some new additions.

As you may have already discovered on your island, mushrooms have started appearing. If you don’t know already Isabelle will inform you in her morning announcement, she will also gift every player the Mushroom Wreath recipe.

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Players have already taken to social media to share the discovery of mushrooms located on their islands.

You can find mushrooms located around the base of trees on your island, there are five different mushroom types to find, flat, skinny, round, elegant and rare.

The mushrooms will be visible for you to harvest, however rare muhrooms will be lcoated underground and will require you to dig them out, they will be marked with the familiar cross shape.

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To collect all the DIY recipes, you will be able to find them by popping balloons, in bottles on the beach or gifted from your villagers. We have compiled a list of all the mushroom DIY recipes so you are able to collect them all!

  • Mush Wall
  • Forest Wall
  • Forest Flooring
  • Mush Low Stool
  • Mush Lamp
  • Mush Partition
  • Mush Parasol
  • Mush Table
  • Mush Umbrella
  • Mushroom Wand
  • Mushroom Wreath
  • Mush Log

There will also be other DIY recipes coming as we introduce the addition of Red Maple leaves to our islands also.

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