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Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch back in Stock and it’s a Bargain!

Animal Crossing has always proved to be a popular game however with this years pandemic it has gone viral worldwide with tens of thousands of players taking to the game to create their own islands.

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Nintendo released a limited edition Animal Crossing Switch and it has been highly sought after with many fans failing to get their hands on the device.

Image Credit: Nintendo

It has became rare to find these consoles, fans have been delighted at the return of the device as it becomes available to order again today!

Fans who want to get their hands on the limited edition console should act fast, with Amazon Prime Day on the horizon it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the consoles sell out before then.

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The Amazon Prime event is set to take place on Tuesday so players. must make a move quickly if they wish to own one of these limited edition Switches.

As it has been hard for fans to get a hold of this rare edition Switch in the past, a lot of third party sellers had taken advantage of this situation anf been selling it on for a lot more that what it is priced at now!

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Gamers can purchase the Animal Crossing Edition Nintendo Switch from Amazon for only $299.

You can get yours here.

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