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Animal Crossing: Did You Know There is a Secret Event Held in your Museum Every Night?!

Animal Crossing has proved popular with fans for years however it has gone viral world wide this year with many players taking to the game during lock down.

Even after putting some serious hours into the game, players are still discovering hidden secrets all the time.

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Players have discovered there is a secret event that takes place in your Museum at night, in the insect wing the bugs come together to form a fight club!

Players have taken to social media to express their shock when they’ve accidently stumbled upon a bug fight club, beetles can be seen butting heads in an almighty fight to win.

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We have video evidence of the club taking place, thanks to players documenting this event. We have seen that the Stag, Hercules and Rhino beetles all come together in an ominous circle surrounding two bugs in the middle as they fight it out.

It mimics the way bugs would actually fight in real life too so its pretty cool to watch. If not your into violence don’t worry the bugs don’t end up seriously injured or dead, the defeated simply just walks away.

Of course this all depends on what bugs you have donated to Blathers as only particular bugs take part in the fight club, some players have even reported that they have witness the winner of the fight to return the next night to take on a new opponent.

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There have also been reports of other bugs taking part in the fight clubs such as butterflies and other insects.

Although some players do already know about this, it just goes to show exactly how much detail goes into the game, and makes us wonder… what else is there to discover?

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