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Animal Crossing: Could Nook’s Cranny be getting a second floor?


The Winter update has just dropped bringing with it lots of exciting new features, however fans are already thinking about what could be in store for the game in the future.

It has always niggled at the back of my mind that Timmy and Tommy have a staircase located at the the side of their store. If you haven’t noticed this before, it can be found the right side of the store behind the cashier desk.

Where could these steps be leading to? Could this be a hint at further expansion in a future update?

It would make sense if it was to follow the same pattern as the museum, before the museum received the expansion to have the art wing you may have noticed there was also a similiar type of unused doorway.

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This was noticable when talking to Blathers you could see the bottom of the doorway, which is now the art wing, however at the time there was no actual door there. If you were to venture up the stairs you would simply be met by a solid wall, however in an update it was then turned into an art wing.

Could this be the same as Nooks? It’s hard for us to believe that it is simply for decoration, the wooden steps lead up to a dark area secured off to us villagers with a piece of rope.

Of course there is no way to tell if this is indeed the case, only time will tell if our theory is correct. In a recent conference, it was announced that there is plans to keep the game filled with constant updates for the next 2-3 years to keep the game fresh and player interested.

You can read more about that here: Animal Crossing: 2021 and future events confirmed!

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