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Animal Crossing: Cooking and Vegetable Farming in November Update

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just dropped their fall udpate, this has come to the delight of fans worldwide and we have seen some fantastic features being added.

The fall update has welcomed a lot of features into the game such as the addition of growing and farming pumpkins, these are a vital ingredient in creating the new DIY recipes. These recipes for spooky furniture and new items can be collected from your villagers through October on the run up to Halloween.

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We also saw the addition of body paint, coloured contact lenses, Halloween costumes and a Halloween night event. Nintendo also dropped a hint a the end of the fall update trailer giving fans some insight into another update that we can expect in late November.

Well known YouTuber Crossing Channel recently took to the platform to share with viewers his prediction for the November update.

He suggests that we may be seeing more vegetables introduced to the game, with the wild success of pumpin farming, adding additional vegetables would prove popular with fans. Dataminers have also leaked in the past that more vegetable farming is to come in the game, the question is when will we see this?

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The November update would be the perfect time to introduce this into the game, Crossing Channel also suggests that if this became available in the November update, we could see cooking dishes added to the mix also.

We know for sure that Franklin the turkey chef will be making an appearance as he was dropped in the official imagery released from Nintendo. He usually shows up around Thanksgiving for the Harvest Festival and asks players to retrieve him some missing ingredient he needs for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Franklin has appeared in a previous title of the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After players had completed his tasks he would then reward them with special Thankgiving furniture and items.

Crossing Channel predicts in this video that given the ability to grow more vegetables that this will lead to players getting recipes to cook actual meals. This would make sense as it would tie in with Franklins festival.

He predicts that farming will play a large part in the November update with a lot more variety of possible items to grow available, and as there is a lack of food items in the game that is strong possibility we could see these features added.

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Of course we don’t know for certain what this update will include, with a lot of speculation already on what we might be in store for, fans are more excited than ever.

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