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Animal Crossing: Complete list of Snowflake DIY recipes and how to get them

The winter update has arrived and with it comes a host of new snowflake DIY recipes.

Players are so excited that we are finally appraoching the festive season, islands are starting to be decorated and fans wait eagerly for the snowfall to arrive.

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Along with the snow comes a whole host of snowflake DIY recipes, these recipes can be obtained by talking to Snowboys you create on your island. When you build the perfect snowboy he will reward you will different DIY recipes and sometimes snowflakes too!

To create the perfect snowboy you must first locate two small snowballs on the ground and start rolling them in order for them to grow. You must make sure that the balls are roughly the same size, however the snowball that will be placed on top for the head must be slightly smaller.

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You can then roll the smaller ball onto the bigger ball to create a snowboy, he will then tell you if he is perfect or needs some work next time, before he rewards you with a DIY recipe.

The recipes to collect are:

  • Frozen Sculpture
  • Frozen Bed
  • Frozen Partition
  • Ice Wand
  • Snowflake Wreath
  • Snowflake Wallpaper
  • Iceberg Wall
  • Ski-Slope Flooring
  • Ski-Slope Wall
  • Drifting Ice Floor
  • 3 Tier Snowman
  • Ice Arch
  • Ice Chair
  • Ice Counter
  • Ice Candy
  • Ice Flooring
  • Ice Table
  • Snowman Hat
  • Ice Pillar

These recipes can also be collect from speaking with villagers on your island, shooting down balloons and messages in bottles on the beach.

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