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Animal Crossing: Christmas Event what we know so far


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has just celebrated Halloween with the special visit from Jack the Czar of Halloween.

AC has just received a big update for fall which welcomed the addition of some pretty cool features across out islands. The debut of pumpkin farming was added allowing players to grow and harvest their own pumpkins, along with new pumpkin-halloween DIY recipes, new costumes, body paint and contact lenses.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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However it was anounced in the last trailer that AC would be receiving a new update coming in late November, with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner players are more excited than ever at the prospects of what might be in store for this festive season.

In the trailer we saw imagery featuring Franklin the turkey chef and also Jingle the reindeer. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these characters however as they have appeared in previous titles in the Animal Crossing franchise.

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We have seen Franklin in New Leaf, he usually appears around Thanksgiving and requests players to fetch him ingredients he is missing for his Thanksgiving dinner, on completing these tasks and returning to him with the items he requested, he would then reward players with limited edition seasonal furniture and items.

This suggests that we could see a similar event take place in this update, could it be players may be gifted special DIY recipes? This would allow players to decorate their islands and homes up for Thanksgiving.

In previous games there has also been a ‘Toy Day’ event that takes place on December 1st. This event allows players to visit each of their villagers and ask what they would like to receive for Christmas, by carrying this out at the beginning of the month this giving players a substantial amout of time to gather to gifts requested for their villagers.

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Jingle would also make an appearance around this time, players would don a Santa outfit and visit Jingle in order to gather gifts for their villagers and hand the correct gifts to each villager. After players had correctly handed out the gifts Jingle would then reward players with something special for their own home.

The Santa suit require used to be able to purchase from the shop, however players could only buy it one piece at a time throughout the month to be ready in time for Christmas.

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Of course there is no way to tell if this update will be exactly the same as previous games, however using them as a guide its a pretty good indication of what we could hope to expect. Only time will tell an fans remain exciting for an official update date.

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