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Animal Crossing: Are we getting more Custom Design slots?


Players are desparate for and expansion on the number of custom design slots.

Currently in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a total of 50 design slots for players to fill with their own designs to decorate their island. I mean compared to previous titles in the AC series it is an improvement however we are crying out for more because it just isn’t enough.

Custom designs can be used for so much around your island, such as patterns for clothing, customising objects, adding details to your character and making custom floor paths.

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When using all of these, your design slots fill up quickly, especially if you are using bigger designs that take up multiple slots. For example, for some custom path designs, your talking 9-12 slots easily as each side, curve and bend of the path requires it’s on pattern slot.

Custom designs are also often used to add extra things that the game doesnt currently have for example, a large swimmin pool, and excavation site, picnic blankets, holes in the ground to name a few.

I’ve also seen players create abosolute masterpieces such as castles, shops, farms, houses, schools you name it, it’s been done. These are often created by customising simple panels with your desired pattern an placin strategically on your island with other items.

You see how these slots start to quickly fill up without even realising! They are also often used as sign posts too. Hopefully in future we will get the expansion we have been hoping for.

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With the recent Winter update introducing the expansion of home storage, could this be a stepping stone to other things being expanded too, such as our beloved custom design slots.

Fans will just have to wait and see what the fiuture has in store for our designs, were keeping our fingers crossed.

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