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Animal Crossing: Could we be seeing Gyroid’s again in the next update?


Gyroids have always played an iconic part in the Animal Crossing series across many titles, could it be that we see them making a return?

Fans have recently been taking to social media to questio the absense of the much loved gyroids, we can’t help but notice their absense in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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When they take away gyroids in Animal Crossing so you make it your flag… from r/AnimalCrossing

Gyroids used to be a sought after furniture item to add to your home, the anticipation of completing the goal of collecting them all is yet to make an appearance in New Horizons.

To find a gyroid players would have to locate them and dig them up from the ground before they could then proudly display them in their homes. There was many different types of gyroid and players used to compete to see who could be the first to collect them all.

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Some say gyroids like rain, as they often appeared in their masses after a downpour. Lazy villager types wouls also tell you that they are fond of the rain, so that seems the best time to find them.

However, in New Horizons they are no where to be found, apart from the appearance of Lloid. He is the construction gyroid who helps you build infastructures on your island.

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When building a new bridge or incline in New Horizons, when you chosen the location in which you would like to build it, you will then get that section of land roped across and Lloid will appear.

Lloid will collect donations to build your new incline or bridge, and on comepletion of receiving the total amount of donations, the next day your structure will be complete.

Could Lloid be an introduction back into the happy world of gyroids, of course we can’t say for sure if they will return to us or not, but with continuous updates with new seasons throughout the year who knows what could happen.

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