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Among Us Update: New Content Revealed

Among Us has recently blew up becoming viral with gamers worldwide, despite being first released in 2018. The game has proved to be popular across multiple platform such as mobile and PC.

InnerSloth, the games developers have made an announcement recently, much to the delight of fans that an update will be coming featuring many exciting changes to the game.

The game as simple as it may be has become a huge success and is widely entertaining, due to this response the developers had planned Among Us 2, a sequel to the original game. Since then however these plans have been cancelled and have decided to focus all energy on enhancing the current game.

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The aim of the space themed game is to complete a series of tasks all the while trying to make it out alive. Each player will be given a role to perpetrate throughout which are either Crewmate or Imposter, the Crewmates must then try to find out who is the Impostor. The player who is the Impostor will try their best to blend into their surroundings but secretly kill off other players.

Players are looking forward to the upcoming update and the features that it will include, lets take a look at what we know so far.

The new update is set to include:

  • Friend Systems
  • Account Systems
  • Colourblind Support
  • Repairing Server Issues
  • Brand New Stage

There are more changes to be announced, however the changes highlighted at the moment tend to focus on making improvements and fixing any tech issues that players were experiencing.

It is likely that this may take a considerable amount of time due to the task of having to add new content to the original games old codebase. It has also been also reported that the game is going to be made a lot more accessible with a lot more colour-blind support, this will mean adding other distinguishing features to tell them apart besides using only colours.

There hasn’t been any confirmed date as of yet for a release on this update, fans are left with hope that there will be other features and customisation options made available.

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