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Among Us 2 has officially been cancelled

Innersloth released a blogpost detailing why they had made the decision and explained that they didn’t want to fragment the massive player-base.

Image credit: Innersloth

It was only a month after its official announcement that the sequel to the suddenly huge game Among Us has been cancelled. Allowing developers to focus on and keep fixing the original game.

In the announcement, Innersloth writes that despite the antiquated codebase of Among Us, it makes sense to keep working on the game given its sudden popularity. That means there’s going to be a lot of work adapting the game for a player-base which has grown much larger than the developers ever intended.

“We have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead put all our focus into improving Among Us 1,” the post reads. “All of the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will instead go into Among Us 1.” 

“This is probably the more difficult choice because it means going deep into the core code of the game and reworking several parts of it.”

We can only imagine how busy the studio behind the game will be for the coming months, following the games sudden rise in popularity thanks to Twitch, the servers have been taking a beating, which is an issue the developers hope to address among other things.

When they announced the game last month, they stated that the original game was “not created to be this big” and as a result, it was extremely hard to add new content without breaking existing things.

It would be a big risk to fragment the player-base of such a niche title, which is why its such a smart move to keep expanding on and fixing the game people are already playing.

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