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Activison job confirms Warzone is coming to mobile

It has been reported that Activision have Call of Duty: Warzone on mobile in the works. This was noted when it went live on the companies website advertising a job posting.

Warzone has become a worldwide sensation, and is no secret that it is loved by players globally. It has become a huge success with the online gaming community which has sparked developers to focus on Warzone further.

It was seen on Activisions website the job vacancy for ‘Executive Producer, Features’, it was listed under ‘WZM’ which is the abbreviation for ‘Warzone Mobile’.

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This is what really got fans excited, the possibility of a mobile release. It was stated in the job role that whoever fills this position would need to deliver essential features from Warzone, console and also PC and adapt it to the best mobile instantiation.

Along with also being stated that the department mentions mobile and also states in the mission ‘you will own product framing and player experience of a new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise’.

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Fans remain excited by the premise of a new mobile game, although there is already a mobile battle royale game. This game is also free to play and has been making waves since its release in 2019.

This seems to be another project however so it could result in COD having two mobile games, plenty to keep avid fans occupied.

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Of course we cant say for certain if this definitely will be the outcome, however it does seem fairly likely from what we have seen. Players will remain in hope that soon a mobile version will drop, and they plan to carry on the series.

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