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Activision tease the inside of stadium as well as ‘mysterious’ explosions.

A teaser for season 5 also appears to show the inside of the Stadium.

Competitive Call of Duty streamer Tyler Polchow was delivered a package from Activision with a video he played during a livestream on his twitch channel.

The video shows the inside of the stadium from the point of view of a security camera, an explosion can be heard in the distance followed by a shock-wave which takes the camera offline.

Fans are speculating that this could be a nuke, given the nukes that have been found in mysterious bunkers on the map.

It looks like Activision are going to be using streamers to drop teasers for the upcoming season 5. Expect to see a lot more teasers like this in the run up to season 5 being released on August 5th.

But that’s not all, popular streamer NICKMERCS has also received a teaser video from Activision. It’s different to the clip Tyler received and this time it shows a train in the Verdansk map. The clip also includes the date August 5th, which is the expected release date for season 5.

The teaser was sent to the Faze Clan streamer on a USB stick which was housed inside of a giant Rook chess piece. The Rook is used in the logo for Shadow Company. In case you’ve forgotten, Shadow Company were the enemy faction in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In the past, data miners have uncovered referenced to an underground train in the files that were added with season 4.

It’s also expected that Activision will use teasers like these for the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 game dubbed Black Ops Cold War, with in game events being used for the teasers.

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