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Activision Sued for Copyright Infringement over Modern Warfare Character

Activision is currently facing copyright infringement allegations over the Modern Warfare Character, Mara.

Image credit: Activision

A new lawsuit has found its way to Activision, this time regarding its Modern Warfare character Mara. The lawsuit is brought by writer and photographer, Clayton Haugen who claims that the character is based on a character from November Renaissance, Cade Janus.

He created the character in 2017 for November Renaissance and is portrayed by model Alex Zedra, who also portrays Mara in Modern Warfare. Cade Janus is the lead character in November Renaissance, Haugen had hoped to turn this story into a feature film.

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The lawsuit in question states that the character in Modern Warfare had been based on Cade Janus, it was said that Infinty Ward had used the same model along with the same makeup artist used for Cade Janus.

It was also claimed that when they weren’t able to source appropriate clothing for the character, she had even been asked to try and use some of the same props and clothing items she had used as Cade Janus.

The imagery used in the lawsuit show an obvious likeness between the two characters, but we can’t say for sure if they will be confirmed as a copyright violation.

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Here are the two photos in a timeline down below so you can take a look for yourself.

Image Credit: Activision via. Clayton Haugen

Of course, it seems that both Activision and Haughen both had a very similar vision for they wanted their character to be, although we can’t say for sure if Activision took directly from Haughen’s character.

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