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Activision reveal Warzone integration details for Modern Warfare & Black Ops Cold War


It has finally been revealed from Call of Duty devs exactly how Warzone will be merged into Black Ops Cold War.

Fans have been curious just how this integration will work, there has also been some concerns raised by fans as what would happen to their pre-purchased content.

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The game itself launches on November 13, now Activision have finally gave us some insight on exactly how this integration will work. Many players have worked hard to build up hard earned currency in the game and were concerned if this would carry over as the two games merge.

However it was recently confirmed by Activision in a blog post on their website, that guns and equipment from each game will be integrated into the game, this news was much to the delight of fans as they realise none of their hard earned work will be lost.

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They have also stated that players will be able to select which weapons they would like to use from Modern Warfare, they can do this by using their newly gained unlocks acquired from Black Ops Cold War.

Players will be able to use weapons and equipment as well as operators from both games, also their Battle Pass progression will continue to collect across all titles meaning they can continue to unlock new content across all three games.

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This means that players are able to progress their weapons in Warzone, however not their Modern Warfare in Black Ops Cold War. However players will be able to progress as a faster rate through new challenges, as Prestige Mode and Battle Pass systems will be staying strong.

Gamers will be able to mix and match their weaponry, which means any weapon that has been unlock in Modern Warfare and also in Black Ops Cold War will be available in Warzone, even blueprints and camo variants.

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Fans are delighted at the news they can use weaponry from both games in Warzone, however they will not be able to use Modern Warfare weapons in Black Ops Cold War and vice versa.

Players spend a lot of money on specific operators in the game, recently during the Halloween event there was a lot of popular faces from our favourite scary movies. The good news is that all these characters should stay available in Warzone after the games release. Once new operators have been unlocked in Black Ops Cold War, they will then become available to use in Warzone also.

This news has gone down positively with fans as they are delighted to know that hours of hard work wont be going to waste, and they can continue with some of their favourite weapons and operators.

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