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Activision eventually agrees to ‘improve’ Warzones anti-cheat


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Players have been very vocal about their frustrations with cheaters in Warzone, and now Activision have have finally promised to improve the anti-cheat to put a stop to the growing number of hackers in Warzone matches.

Image credit: Activision

It’s coming up the a year since Warzone was first released, this first year has been a categorical success for Activision. Millions of players around the world have been dropping into Verdansk to enjoy the battle royale game.

That doesn’t mean everyone is happy with their experience. Certain aspects of the game have come under fire from player complaints, including the almost monthly game breaking bugs, over powered weapons (looking at you DMR-14), and even the strength of the Skill Based Match Making. But the one complaint we see popping up more than any, is how often players are running into hackers.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the lack of response from Activision was a kick in the face to the players who support the free-to-play game. When you consider that Activision (a billion-dollar company) couldn’t communicate with its players, or use some of its resources to develop an anti-cheat system.

Still to this point, Activision haven’t actually posted an announcement on a public forum where people can reply, but they instead used the in-game daily message system to promise improvements to the games anti-cheat. Which up until now seems to have relied solely on players reporting hackers with the report system in-game.

Image credit: SSMKh/Reddit

The message is titled ‘Cheaters Not Welcome’ and is followed by Activision’s plans to weed out cheaters from it’s game. It was shared to Reddit by user SSMKh and reads: “We work aggressively to keep Warzone fun and fair,” the in-game communication says. “24/7 security monitoring, ALL possible cheats, hacks reviewed, Planned improvements to in-game cheat reporting, 50,000+ global perma-bans to date, More updates coming soon.”

Responses to SSMKh’s Reddit post were obviously filled with scepticism. “50,000+ global permabans to date” … followed quickly by 50,000 newly-created accounts by those “permabanned” players.” one person replied.

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Some also pointed out how low the amount of bans actually is, bear in mind that in January alone, PUBG banned over 1,000,000 accounts for cheating alone. Warzone, a game that boasts almost 100 million active players has only banned 50,000.

We can’t wait to see if these improvements make a difference to the game, speaking from personal experience, I run into a cheater at least every one in three games, and a popular cheat website is still up and running selling a subscription to cheat software for warzone.

Stay up to date with all the latest gaming news by following us on our socials here: Twitter | Facebook

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