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Activision bans over 60,000 cheaters after finally confirming anti-cheat upgrades


Activision responded to the ongoing plague of Warzone cheaters who are ruining the by banning over 60,000 of them in a single day. The ban wave struck unsuspecting cheaters after Activision enhanced their cheat detection.

Image credit: Activision

Fans have been begging Activision to acknowledge the out of control cheating crisis that was affecting the battle royale game, and if you’re one of those fans, you’ll be pleased to know Activision have some good news for you.

They announced on Twitter today that their latest attempt to reduce the amount of cheaters has result in a huge amount of banned accounts. “Today we banned 60,000 accounts for confirmed cases of using cheat software in Warzone, bringing our total to date of more than 300,000 permabans worldwide since launch.”

This appears to be the second ban wave since the game launched with the first being in April of 2020 where they banned over 70,000 players just a month after the game first launched.

Image credit: Activision

Activision didn’t release any account specific information about the accounts they banned, but Vice have reported, based on their sources, that most of the accounts were banned were using cheats purchased from EngineOwning – one of the largest websites for video game cheats, with Call of Duty cheats being their most downloaded.

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The websites forums and Discord channel are filled with users who subscribe to the cheats complaining about their cheats being exposed and their accounts being banned. If you visit the EngineOwning website, you’ll see that their Warzone hack no longer shows as “Undetected” but instead shows “Updating”.

Image credit: EngineOwning

The good news doesn’t end there, along with the tweet from Activision, a blog post also revealed that Warzone does in fact have an anti-cheat system that they are actively working to improve, details listed below show just how Activision plan to tackle cheaters in the future:

·      Weekly backend security updates

·      Improved in-game reporting mechanisms

·      Added 2-factor authentication, which has invalidated over 180,000 suspect accounts

·      Eliminated numerous unauthorized third party software providers

·      Increased dedicated teams and resources across software development, engineering, data science, legal and monitoring

·      Enhancements to our internal anti-cheat software

·      Additional detection technology

·      Adding new resources dedicated to monitoring and enforcement

·      Regular communication updates on progress; more two-way dialogue

·      Zero tolerance for cheat providers

·      Consistent and timely bans

Activision ended their post by saying they plan to keep a more consistent line of communication between Raven Software and the Warzone playerbase. They promise to provide regular updates on bans and anti-cheat at least once a month, and possible even weekly.

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